Untold Stories and Facts with My Security Team

After Liz promoted her claims of Election Fraud evidence I was told I would need a 24/7 Security detail to protect me due to the severity of Liz’s claimed evidence. Liz was naturally uncomfortable with this, not because she felt she was in harms way, but because the evidence wasn’t legit and Liz knew it. Remember, I’m the guilty conscience, and the truth needs to be set free. So, here goes…

Liz was referred to General Michael Flynn who referred Liz to a Non-Profit organization of volunteer Military, Intelligence Community, and LEO Veterans. The name of the Non-Profit group is 1st Amendment Praetorian. Now these veterans volunteered to protect Liz and her election fraud evidence 24/7 until her evidence was turned over and she was no longer considered to be in danger. This was based off the election fraud evidence allegations. Liz has publicly shared a stories about the security team, and sheds a negative light on them. The infamous “stolen phone” story needs to be addressed. Liz once worked as a Nurse as many of you may recall, but what Liz didn’t share was that she claimed she had patient data on her phone, a direct HIPAA-PII/PHI violation. Now, if she was still working as a nurse during the time the phone was taken then we could all agree that’s understandable if she used her phone for work purposes. However, being the guilty conscience and doing my job, that’s not factually true. Liz kept a significant amount of patient data well after no longer working as a nurse, which is illegal. Additionally, Liz claimed she was working for the State of AZ as a nurse, a Government employee. This would make her phone property of the State of Arizona, despite any and all personal information she had on said phone. So, if she lost her phone or it was stolen then it should have been reported to the proper authorities, right? Yes. And if Liz didn’t report it, why? Was she protecting herself, or the Security Team she has since tried to throw under the bus (maybe in self preservation??).

Liz has made fictitious claims that the 1AP Security Team threatened her life, multiple times. The most recent is a “Mother Jones” article with a recording that was edited to remove parts to fit her narrative. What is also left out of this article is the fact that Liz contacted members of the 1AP Security team long after they left her residence. Liz also had the hots for Brandon, and that’s all I want to say about that.

Liz did file a lawsuit against 1AP (which she withdrew less than a month later due to discovery issues and potentially self incriminating herself), and met with Sherriff’s where she recorded the 2+ hour meeting she had with detectives. Liz once shared this on SoundCloud but she has since deleted it, because it didn’t fit the narrative. At the end of the meeting the detective said, “Do you want to press charges?” to which Liz denied because all she could press charges for was petty theft of $1,000+. Liz spent over two hours telling her entire election story to two strangers whom she never met before, albeit they worked for the local Sheriffs office, it still raises concerns regarding how threatened she truly felt. Why would Liz remove this audio?


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  1. Chris F. Reply

    Which court was this lawsuit filed against 1AP? I want to go check out the complaint. I do not see any record of one anywhere.

    Theft of a phone valued at $1000+ is a class 6 felony. That is, if valued between $1000 and $2000. If the phone belonged to the State, the State can press charges. Did the State press charges?


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