Facts From a Guilty Conscience

By now there has been some new facts, truths, and details that have came as a result of my guilty conscience. This post will try to put everything into perspective, and will probably be updated overtime.

Liz, my alter ego, Claimed to be a Republican Activist yet failed to vote in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2020. In 2020 though, it became an issue because Liz claimed she was denied the right to vote. How can you be a self proclaimed Republican/Political Activist without knowing the current status of your voter registration AND not voting for at least 5 consecutive elections, both local and national.

How many Republican Activists do you know that have taken their personal stories to hard left leaning media outlets, intentionally? Liz whored out her story to any media outlet willing to pay her for story. The outcome was a few hit pieces perfectly timed to coincide with the January 6th Committee hearings where half truths, false information, and a trove of unfounded allegations were created.

Liz was not in Washington DC on January 6th, has zero pertinent information concerning what happened on January 6th, yet she inserted herself and reached out to the January 6th Committee volunteering to testify. the J6 Cmte did not interview Liz/us due to lack of direct evidence and information. Yet, Liz will still tout her information as fact based evidence. What Republican Activist voluntarily offers to meet with the J6 cmte?

Liz’s close confidant was “James Curtis” who flew to Ukraine in January 2021 for personal safety. Who flies to Ukraine for “personal safety”?

Liz turned about and went 180 degrees in the opposite direction from her alleged 2020 election fraud evidence. Liz also claims to be in fear of her life, yet will post daily on Twitter pushing misinformation. If you were in fear of your life, would you still be hellbent on ‘getting your name out there?” There is a long history of Liz making these attempts to stay relevant and in the spotlight for publicity.

Liz has received the same warnings from several people, regarding her safety, and she ignores them all. Even her confidant, James Curtis, tells Liz she needs to take responsibility for her actions and safety, to which James told her could end up in Liz/us being harmed if we aren’t careful. To this day, no creditable threat has been presented.

Liz left out a critical story… Liz called in a missing person report on herself after she left her home and went on a 3+ day of binge drinking. Fact.

To be continued…

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  1. Chris F. Reply

    She was in elected in the 2012 election. She ran for office and was elected but didn’t vote for herself? That doesn’t make sense.

    “Current school board member Staci Burk, another strong conservative who voted against the district’s call for an override renewal and the district’s current budget earlier this year, has two more years on her term.”


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