2020… Time To Put My Name On The Map! (Part Two)

Ahh.. Time for “Liz” to step out into the public spotlight for the entire nation to finally see her for who she is, or rather who she claimed to be. “Liz” finally puts herself out there with a massive claim of credible videos and information regarding a “ghost shipment” to a FedEx facility in AZ just days before the 2020 election. As Liz’s story goes, a “friend’s cousins friend” (yes you read that correctly) informed her of some “suspicious activity involving a plane from South Korea”. Liz claimed she had recorded the suspicious actions first hand which later would put her in contact with some very high profile people. This small and slow moving snowball was about to rapidly come down hill gaining speed and size, but Liz saw this tremendous opportunity and ran full steam ahead.

Shortly after the 2020 election Liz was able to make some contacts and push her allegations further, leading to meetings with a DoD contractor, Scott Koch, which Liz claims to have on (secret/illegal) recording (here) admitting to being involved with election fraud including illegal paper ballots. As the conscience and feeling quite guilty I can’t ignore the fact that Liz is a first year law student and should know better regarding recording someone without their consent, but I digress, guilty feelings are a heavy burden. Ultimately Liz’s efforts resulted in meeting with Michael Flynn, retired U.S. Army General. The who and how is cloudy to me at the moment, Liz can shut me out sometimes. Our protection was critical given these alarming allegations so Michael Flynn prepped a 24/7 security detail at the request of Liz. Yes, Liz requested security detail to live in her home with her because numerous people warned Liz/us that putting ourselves out there like this with these allegations would bring a lot of unwanted attention including potential threats. The security detail would only last until early January 2021. To my knowledge, Liz never shard any credible information/evidence of election fraud or election crimes with anyone to date. Liz has shared secret recordings that were, well, cherry picked and never illustrated the full story, hence the guilty feelings.

I will go into the “Fun with the Security Team” in a separate post, but for now I would like to stay focused on Liz’s full court press on her importance in the 2020 election fraud discussions. Liz tried multiple angles and efforts to stay relevant in the 2020 Election Fraud/Crimes/Stolen discussions. She used court case filings, stories of credible evidence and information, speaking to high profile politicians, all while claiming she was too fearful to share any of the evidence with anyone because she didn’t know if she could trust them. Liz wrote her own version that some people have referred to as a “Press Release” of sorts, found here Single Mom and Domestic Violence Survivor Represents Herself in a U.S. Supreme Court Push For Bipartisan Voter Rights.”  What is most interesting about this “Press Release” is the links cited all direct you to “https://crimeofthecentury2020.com” where Liz and her friend “James” were pushing their false narratives to further Liz’s claims.

Now if you have been following Liz’s public statements then you would know that “James” claimed to have to rapidly leave the U.S. and head to Ukraine in January 2021, for “his safety.” You are all smart people, so I won’t insult your intelligence, but you have to ask yourself, “who runs to Ukraine for safety?” hint* Not Good guys or white hats. By now we are all aware of how certain factions of the U.S. use Ukraine for a multitude of dirty deeds. Liz also has a recording of James getting very angry and frustrated with her because she is not following directions and James make the claim that she is going to get people killed, even himself. These comments were made while they were “hiding out” in the US, roughly April 2021. This is an important data point considering how many times Liz makes the claims of “death threats” or her life is in danger. Speaking as the guilty conscience here, I cannot recall a time where our life was truly in danger… and I know the reason why, stay tuned.


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