2020… Time To Put My Name On The Map! (Part One)

In this post I am fast forwarding from 2014/2015 to the wonderfully glorious cluster fck year of 2020. One thing can be said about the historic year of 2020, there is no shortage of drama. 2020 was the year my alter ego decided to step out into the light and make its strongest push for fame and fortune. And, as all of my delightful readers know, chasing that fame and fortune comes at price.

Quick recap before diving head first into 2020. After I left the Gilbert School Board I was so touched by all the medical staff that has helped me with my very serious condition that I decided to become a nurse. This is a critical data point for another time, but I worked for a Government funded hospital leading up to 2020 before my alter ego decided it was time to change career paths and become a lawyer. So, in 2020 I was a first year law student at ASU.

Now, 2020 can be remembered for countless events, but the event that ultimately led to this severe infighting between myself (conscience/guilty conscience) and my alter ego (fame and fortune are #1 for this ego), was the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. Now my alter ego will tell you she is a republican activists, supporting and fighting for conservative beliefs. I will let you make your own discernments after you are done reading my series of short stories 🙂

My alter ego decided it was time to utilize some of this law education we have learned in our first year at ASU and apply it an election fraud case, one of which that my alter ego would take ALLLLLL the way to the Supreme Court. After all, when you make it on a big stage people remember your name, right? Ultimately my case was dismissed/kicked out citing lack of standing. The reason was case was dismissed, not heard, was because I wasn’t a registered voter, craazzzzy I know. However, remember, i told you, I can be quite forgetful, so this may have just completely slipped my alter ego’s list of task items for fame and fortune. It seems silly to keep saying my alter ego, so lets give little miss fame and fortune alter ego a nickname, lets call her “Liz”, you know like the RINO Liz Cheney. Perf.

What is most interesting about “Liz’s” Election Fraud Filing is the reasons cited in this article as the claims of WHY I wasn’t registered to vote. I am, or was, considered a protected voter in that my information couldn’t be made public as most other Americans voting information can be made public. The reasons cited in this article cite mainly for Liz’s protection due to domestic violence. That article also cites that my voter registration was cancelled in 2010, LONNNG before the 2020 election. There were TWO Presidential Elections and TWO Mid Term Elections that Liz seemingly “forget” to vote for. Being the conscience, and feeling guilty, I must admit… Liz is quite the “Republican Activist.”

Now, since Liz cited “safety and protection” as the reason for being on the protected voters list, one must ask themselves, how serious does Liz take her own safety if she voluntarily exposed her (Well I guess “our” technically) personal information to media outlets for stories regarding her 2020 Election Fraud Case filing? How does a “Republican Activist” go TEN YEARS without knowing their voter registration was cancelled? Liz went full steam ahead in her claims though, claiming she is a minority, disabled, and illegally denied her right to vote.

In Part Two I will “dive-in” to my dumpster diving, storing patient PII/PHI on my phone, and how all this led to Liz’s desperate plea for attention… oh, and Bon Bons, Liz LOVES her some Bon Bons.

Link to First cited article- https://www.azmirror.com/blog/judge-tosses-election-challenge-because-plaintiff-not-registered-to-vote/
Link to Second cited article- https://www.law.com/legalnewswire/news/?id=2862783

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