Bon Bons, FOIA Fiasco’s, and I think I am forgetting something…

My journey started many moons ago, but to keep my timeline more concise I will try to focus on the important events over the last 10 years. Mind you, and I have to preface this to start, I can be quite forgetful. Like the time when I was the President of the Gilbert School board and I went FOIA happy… and then I think I forgot I made hundreds of FOIA requests, which I think included at least 6 months of emails from the former superintendent whom I happily helped get replaced. Also, I will warn you in advance that I can drift off point sometimes as I am more interested in framing a good story then being precise and staying on target, focusing on just the facts and truths. It can be hell in maneuvering the landmines of lies created by my boisterous alter ego. Ah yes, the forgetfulness and my FOIA fun, please see the attached article for a few more tidbits about the FOIA fun.

That was in 2014, near the end of my tenure as the School Board President for Gilbert Schools. It was a crazy time for me as I was diagnosed with an awful disease that generously gave me about 3 years to live if untreated. Luckily I was able to seek treatment and I am still here today to tell my stories, all various versions of my stories that is. Due to my illness I was largely absent throughout the 2014 school year. I refused to resign, and quite reluctant to share or relinquish any of my powers to the School Boards Vice President nor any other members of the school board. This put several projects behind, severely impacted our budgeting meetings and much more. It created quite the show when the Gilbert School Board would hold meetings, many of which I was in California for treatment during.

My time as the School Board President of Gilbert Schools was riddled in turmoil to say the least. By the end of my tenure trust in the school board as about as low as it could get. My alter ego played a vital role in power grabs and running defense to protect those who my alter ego teamed up with. This article doesn’t share all of the juicy details but it provides more context to better understand then so that you can better understand me now.

#GPSBoard Top Happenings 10Jun2014: A Night of Power Trippin’ Power Grab #GilbertSchools – POINT OF ORDER!

I think this is a good start, and some insight from my past that will help shape and give a better internal view of my alter and me, Staci’s Guilty Conscience. Thank you for reading.

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