Hello, I’d like to take this moment to introduce myself, I am Staci Burk’s Guilty Conscience.

*DISCLAIMER* No I am not really Staci’s Guilty, although if Staci did have conscience this would presumably be it. The information shared here, blogs, posts, links, does not in anyway represent Staci’s Guilty Conscience. The facts and truths that will be provided on this site are meant to provide the public with the true story, the full story, from the non-existent Conscience of Staci.

Why do I have my own website? Ever have that internal battle, that internal itch when you know you’re lying and misleading people? Well, I am that itch, that constant nagging thorn in your side to stop lying, to correct misleading statements and half-truths. But… Why? Why, because my alter ego is VERY power thirsty, and I cannot in good conscience sit idle while my alter ego continues to tell lies in a desperate effort to be relevant or important. So, here I am, Staci’s Guilty Conscience, making an effort to provide transparency and missing context to my alter ego’s stories, fill in gaps, and add facts/truths where my alter ego has left them out. In a world of chaotic disinformation, I feel providing the truth and transparency is the Ying to my alter ego’s Yang. Time to create some balance!

Stay tuned for my updates, edits, and corrections to my alter egos stories.